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Winner of the Visionary Non-Law Firm Services Provider - Consulting & Supplier Awards 2020.

KorumLegal is excited to announce that we have won the award for the Visionary  Non-Law Firm Services Provider - Consulting & Supplier 2020. Amongst all the chaos, we wanted to shed some positivity and thank all our customers for putting their trust in KorumLegal and say a big well done to our dedicated and passionate team, both HQ and Consultants! The competition was tough and we are honoured to be nominated along with some great players in the field including Berkeley Research Group, Control Risks, docQbot, Law In Order, Lawcadia, LawTech Malaysia, LOD and WillCraft.

‘It’s nice to have some positive news during these challenging times and we are very grateful for the recognition. Solutions that KorumLegal provides are going to be in greater demand as legal teams are forced to deliver greater value for less. Our vision is now becoming a reality for us, and for many of our customers and community’.
Titus Rahiri, CEO & Founder of KorumLegal

The In-house Community Visionary Client Services Awards always very exciting for us. Looking back at 2017 when we won the award for the first time, we were only 1 year old and still growing in APAC – feels like such a distant memory (Here’s our post from 2017 for a refresh). Back then, no one anticipated the future to look like this. We can now see all parts of life innovating with virtual events, webinars, and award ceremonies. The ceremony was hosted virtually, and it was a great one!  The In-house Community is a fantastic support to the in-house and wider legal community, recognising law firms, law companies, in-house counsels, alternative legal service providers and LegalTech who are changing the way legal services are delivered. Thank you for the opportunity and ongoing support!

The way legal services are delivered has changed drastically and we are thrilled to be one of the gamechangers in Hong Kong, Asia and beyond. Here’s what makes us stand out from the rest of the crowd for 2019/2020:

  • Expansion of our full-service solutions - we continue to develop our full-service solutions which puts the customer first, through our three core pillars People, Process and Technology. Off the back of market demand, we’ve launched a separate offering which incorporates all three pillars – Managed Legal Services – check it out here.
  • Continued development of Axceller - we have been developing our own proprietary technology, Axceller, since 2019 to provide seamless service to both our customers and consultants. Axceller is a workflow management platform and operations database that we use to manage all our operational work.
  • Our Asia focus - being founded in Hong Kong and with coverage across Asia, our knowledge of the region is unrivalled. We are the only independent and Hong Kong founded law company in Hong Kong and therefore really understand customer needs.

At KorumLegal, we are always observing the legal market and customer demand. This is embedded in the way we work for our customers and constant reshaping of the new reality in legal solutions. 2020 has been a challenging year but challenges are totally our thing. Bring it on!