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By: KorumLegal

Legal Consultant Profiles: 'The Agile Entrepreneur' Katy Low

On our Legal Consultant Profiles this month is the lovely Katy Low who is also the Director of Vero Law based in London. We're in awe of her passion and dedication. She runs a one woman show and is a..

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By: Rob Shakespeare

More for less, more for less, read all about it!

We spend a lot of our time talking to GCs in our network, and over recent weeks have also participated in and reviewed numerous GC surveys; collating the experiences of those working within in-house..

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By: Sarah Leighton

Virtual working + virtual lawyers… introducing the “FlexiGC”

When you start a business, where is a lawyer in your list of hires? Unless you are a lawyer yourself, it is often pretty far down the list: finance seems obvious, sales and marketing - also obvious,..

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By: Danh Nguyen

Contracts - why can't we make this process more efficient

Regardless of where you are in the world – whether it’s London, New York, Tokyo, Sydney or anywhere else in between - contracts form the bedrock of commercial life. It’s the key framework that shapes..

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By: Satinder Sohal

Digital Transformation - the successes, the challenges and the learnings

Last week, we hosted a panel discussion on the topical subject of digital transformation in legal departments. Our diverse panel of General Counsels (GCs) shared their ongoing journey to digital..

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By: Annalise Haigh

I’m a Legal Geek… and Pretty Proud of It!

Last Tuesday, I trekked half way across the globe to go to the 2018 Legal Geek Conference in London! Off the plane at 5am, I managed the many delays of the London tube, to make my way to Shoreditch..

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By: Bill Novomisle

ZegalCon 2018 - Bringing It All Together

ZegalCon 2018 was held last week and it is safe to say that the conference has matured into one of the key must-attend events for the Hong Kong (and wider) legal community. Every talk was interesting..

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By: Bill Novomisle

Law as a Process: How Process Design Defines Value, Delivers Efficiency, and Drives Business Strategy

KorumLegal’s proprietary Korum Process Methodology (KPM) focuses on helping law departments “do more with less” by applying the best practices of Lean, Six-Sigma, and Agile methods to the delivery of..

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