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By: Bill Novomisle

How Technology Drives Managed Legal Services

Let us assume that at this point we can all agree that the supply chain for legal services has gotten a lot more nuanced and sophisticated than it was in the good old days (which were not that good,..

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By: Rolf Sperling

Excuse Me, Managed Legal Services? You Lost Me There

So what do you do now exactly? That’s a question people have asked me a lot since I left private practice and started to work with KorumLegal. It usually follows after I have told them that I am a..

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By: Titus Rahiri

Digital Transformation in Asia - Are We Innovators, Early or Late Adopters or Laggards?

Digital Transformation in the legal industry can be regarded as ‘hot’, ‘hype’ or ‘hysterical’ depending on which side of the conversation you sit. While the legal industry is a transformation laggard..

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By: Matt Roberts & Titus Rahiri

What Does It Take to Be a Digital General Counsel

We live in the technological age and with it, there now seems to be an industry wide expectation that General Counsels must be ‘digital’. But many of today’s GCs are caught between a rock and hard..

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By: Bill Novomisle

Innovation in Legal Services: What It is and How We Do It

Innovation is not a class that many aspiring lawyers were offered as they were studying for their future profession. Nor is innovation something that many lawyers were taught at any point in their..

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By: Verena Della Vedova

Blockchain and How In-House Counsels Can Leverage This Technology

Supporters of blockchain technologies think that blockchain-empowered tools are going to improve the work of in-house counsels in many areas, e.g. faster business transactions by using smart..

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By: Satinder Sohal

LegalTech - What the Hack(athon)!

If you’re familiar with the legal world, I’m pretty sure you have heard, seen, or read about LegalTech everywhere and how the capabilities of Law and Technology can be limitless. A great..

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By: Danh Nguyen

‘Managed Legal Services’: Part of a New Paradigm for the Legal Solutions Market

The emergence of alternative legal solutions

Until very recently, clients with a legal issue or matter could either send it to a traditional law firm or handle it in-house. Today, clients have a lot..

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