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Titus Rahiri

A Look Back at 2020... My Reflections

Dec 18, 2020

By: Rob Shakespeare

4 ways Tech General Counsels Can Keep Up With the Speed of a Business

One topic that often comes up during our conversations with GCs in the technology space is whether they feel under greater pressure than they might in a more ‘traditional’ business, to align their..

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By: Bill Novomisle

The Hidden Benefit of Using Your Inbox for Legal Project Management

The global experiment in working from home is in full swing.  No one particularly asked for this experiment, and certainly not on this scale, yet this experiment was thrust upon all of us..

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By: Danh Nguyen & Rob Shakespeare

The New Normal – Learnings from Asia’s COVID-19 response and the road to recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the world to its very foundations. It has impacted virtually every aspect of life and forced governments, businesses and individuals to make drastic changes to the..

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By: Elsa Ho

Get [sh]IT Done – LegalTech tools you can implement right now… and some are free

Lawyers are known to be perfectionists, and when it comes to getting things done, perfection often gets in the way.  However, at times like this where our world has been turned upside down, our ..

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By: Rob Shakespeare

Resilience and Opportunity - Your Survival Mindset

As we all try to come to terms with the ongoing human tragedy and economic crisis that is unfolding around us, one thing most people might agree on right now is that Covid-19 is going to force change..

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By: KorumLegal

Legal Consultant Profiles: 'The Tech Wizard' Bill Novomisle
  1. Hey Bill, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am a husband, a father, a student, a teacher and a recovering lawyer.  Although I no longer practice, I love working with practitioners on making..

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By: Danh Nguyen

Contracts - why can't we make this process more efficient

Regardless of where you are in the world – whether it’s London, New York, Tokyo, Sydney or anywhere else in between - contracts form the bedrock of commercial life. It’s the key framework that shapes..

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By: Nick Phillips

The Legal Operating Model – 5 Key Insights

Through our work with a number of organisations across the region – via our People, Process and Technology, and Managed Legal Services offerings - we’ve been exposed to different permutations and..

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By: Annalise Haigh

3 "Must Have" Legal Solutions to Reduce Costs and Increase Value

2020 is fast becoming the year of big change.  And it’s coming from all directions. External forces are requiring business leaders to consider not just traditional business indicators, but also..

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