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Titus Rahiri

Looking back at 2019

Dec 19, 2019

By: Danh Nguyen

Large-Scale Organisational Transformations - Ten Challenges and Learnings

In the fast-paced world of today, companies that don’t innovate and change to better align with their customers’ needs and habits will be left behind. It’s no wonder that organisations - big and..

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By: Anna Kim

Smart Contracts and Why Lawyers are Still in the Game

It is generally accepted that the term “smart contract” was first introduced by Nick Szabo in his 1994 article under the same title.

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By: KorumLegal

'Tomorrow's Digital GC' - KorumLegal and KPMG Host GC Breakfast Panel

November marked KorumLegal's inaugural General Counsel Round Table Breakfast event... and it was a great success!

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By: Liam Dransfield

Take your Business into the Digital Age with a Paperless Model

Buried in paper?

Look around your office - how much space is currently occupied by clusters of documents and folders filled with bills, contracts and other paperwork for safekeeping? How much time..

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