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Titus Rahiri

Looking back at 2019

Dec 19, 2019

By: Liam Dransfield

Featured KorumLegal Consultant: Lisa Lam - former Lead International Counsel - Alipay, and former GC - Western Union
Our team and community of consultants are a key part of our business. Their stories are inspiring and fun, so we'd like to take the opportunity to profile one of our Consultants, share some of their..
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By: Estefania Altuve

Lawyer meets Snowboard Enthusiast - Our Featured Consultant

At Korumlegal we are huge believers of technology, process automation and the future of law. We have great passion for legal solutions done differently and even though innovation in the industry is..

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By: Annalise Haigh

3 Flexible NewLaw Alternatives for In-House Counsel, SMEs and Start-ups

There has been a lot of talk about NewLaw over the last few years, with many new legal service providers popping up under this premise. But what does “NewLaw” actually mean? And importantly, what are..

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By: Titus Rahiri

The Gig Economy: Attracting Top Flexible Legal Talent

Many working in the legal services sector will probably be familiar with the term “Gig Economy” given the continued rise in demand for temporary positions and independent professionals for project..

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By: Titus Rahiri

How Can Your Company Benefit from Flexible Legal Talent in Asia?

NewLaw is gaining traction around the world, including Asia

A new method of delivery of legal services has been gaining ground in global financial capitals around the world – including in..

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