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Titus Rahiri

Looking back at 2019

Dec 19, 2019

By: Bill Novomisle

Sales Contracting: A Transformation Journey

In-house legal departments have been listening to the endless drumbeat of consultants and vendors talking about legal technology for quite some time, but when I talk to general counsels, many of them..

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By: Titus Rahiri

Are you GDPR Ready?

Are you GDPR ready? There is only one month until GDPR comes into force!

Data has been much talked about across the media recently with GDPR being top of the agenda of many global companies. Are..

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By: KorumLegal

'Tomorrow's Digital GC' - KorumLegal and KPMG Host GC Breakfast Panel

November marked KorumLegal's inaugural General Counsel Round Table Breakfast event... and it was a great success!

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By: Liam Dransfield

Take your Business into the Digital Age with a Paperless Model

Buried in paper?

Look around your office - how much space is currently occupied by clusters of documents and folders filled with bills, contracts and other paperwork for safekeeping? How much time..

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By: Annalise Haigh

3 Flexible NewLaw Alternatives for In-House Counsel, SMEs and Start-ups

There has been a lot of talk about NewLaw over the last few years, with many new legal service providers popping up under this premise. But what does “NewLaw” actually mean? And importantly, what are..

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By: Titus Rahiri & Paul McCormack

Getting GDPR Ready: A Snapshot of Steps to Take Right Now!

Do you have customers in the EU or are you currently looking at expanding to the EU? If so, you may need to prepare for GDPR compliance.

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By: Titus Rahiri

The Gig Economy: Attracting Top Flexible Legal Talent

Many working in the legal services sector will probably be familiar with the term “Gig Economy” given the continued rise in demand for temporary positions and independent professionals for project..

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