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The New Spectrum of Legal Services


KorumLegal was featured in the Asian-Mena Counsel Magazine – the magazine for the in-house community along the New Silk Road. The article was authored by Patrick Dransfield and David Miles after speaking to a small number of the new and not-so-new players across the broadening spectrum of international legal services to find out how the perfect storm of client demand and technological advancement is facilitating a “jurist revolution” of legal services.


The full article (reproduced on LinkedIn Pulse) is available HERE

Posted by Titus Rahiri

Titus is the founder of KorumLegal, a legal solutions company innovating in People, Process and Technology solutions across the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. As a new entrant to the market, KorumLegal has ensured digital and technology innovation is a core part of their DNA. Given this, Titus and KorumLegal regards itself as a hybrid of ‘innovator’ and ‘early adopter’ in the digital transformation journey.