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Legal Consultant Profiles: "The Flexible General Counsel" - Lisa Lam - Looking Back at 2018!.

At the beginning of last year, Lisa left the more ‘conventional’ legal practice to join the ‘Gig Economy’ as a legal consultant because she wanted more flexibility with her time. Her first gig was a UK client, who needed Asia focused advice… which Lisa did while based in Toronto. Truly flexible work! Having previously worked as a social worker, before becoming a lawyer, Lisa’s skill set is diverse. She is a great listener and can view situations from different perspectives – skills that are incredibly valuable as a legal consultant. Discussing the highs and lows in her career, Lisa returned to Hong Kong after qualifying in Canada, but she struggled with adjusting to the pace of the crazy city – but that aside she’s always enjoyed the engaging work that comes with practicing law! It’s been a year since Lisa joined the KorumLegal consultant community - we would like to share with you how she’s been since joining the ‘gig economy’, and what other adventures has flexible working allowed her to dive into!

1. How has this past year been for you since leaving the ‘conventional’ legal practice?

It’s been great! It’s exactly what I had wanted, i.e. spend more time with my family, learning new things and contributing back to the community!

2. With the added flexibility of working in the ‘Gig Economy’, what have you been able to achieve outside of your legal consulting career?

I have taken up classes in learning the I-Ching and taken on the role as the General Counsel for GGHK 2022 (Gay Games 11 will be held in Hong Kong in 2022, and it’s expected that about 15,000 participants will be joining this sports and cultural event).

3. What’s your new year resolution – both personally and professionally?

Personal - stay healthy! Professional – continue to deepen and broaden my expertise in the Fintech legal consulting space.

4. Do you have any tips for consultants looking into joining the flexible workforce? Any Dos and Don’ts?

The decision to leave a “stable” or “prestigious” job can be hard, especially for those of us when becoming a self-directed lawyer could also mean “financial insecurity”. Ultimately, it’s a personal decision. I find it helpful to ask myself this question: what is really important to me in my life? That’s how I try to keep me honest.

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