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Legal Consultant Profiles: "The Flexible Adventurer" Renate Geluk - Looking Back

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  1. Can you tell us about what you have been up to since we last spoke last year?

I have been “gigging” as a KorumLegal consultant for nearly a year and currently on my second engagement with an American worldwide toy and board game company. So far, so good!


  1. What have you learnt from your recent assignments?

For me it is a continuous learning process. Every company, every legal role and legal department is different. I have learned to adapt to a new environment quickly and take previous experience with me to do so. I already noticed it gets easier every time, even though it is only my second engagement.   


  1. How do you deal with challenging situations in a new workplace as a legal consultant?

Do not be afraid to ask! You are new and people are generally willing to help. A positive attitude goes a long way. There is also the KorumLegal community of experienced consultants who are willing to help you out.   


  1. With the added flexibility of working in the ‘Gig Economy’, what have you been able to achieve outside of your legal consulting career?

I took the flexibility to recharge and discover Japan and Bangkok. It has also positively changed my mindset, seeing and taking opportunities when they arise in the broadest sense: whether that is the flexibility to take a break, but also to meet new people and enjoy different legal work working within different companies.  


  1. Do you have any tips for consultants looking into joining the flexible workforce? Any Dos and Don’ts?

Give it try! Have an open mindset and invest – that’s how I am getting the most out of it. Since flexibility can also come with uncertainty, consider if that fits you at this point in your life/career.  


To find out more about Renate and why she decided to join the 'Gig Economy', read her previous 2018 Consultant Q&A here.

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