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Huong Tang - Our Featured Consultant.

This month's featured Consultant; Huong Tang - Senior Consultant at KorumLegal.

 1. What made you leave the more ‘conventional’ legal practice to join the ‘Gig Economy’ as a Consultant?

As with many things in life, I wouldn’t have known about the latter unless I left the former, such leaving being precipitated by a shift in location! Moving to Singapore, which is known as a major hub for commerce and trade, is where I became a Mum and traded in conventional law practice for ‘gigging’.

2. How has your experience outside law helped your legal skills as a consultant? - What have you found is the "value add" or "special skills" that you bring to a client as a legal consultant?

My family came to Australia from Vietnam in the 80s. My mum, dad, my older brother and baby brother who was born during the journey. Our first home was in a house come hostel that was owned by the local church. We stayed in one room and I remember going downstairs to queue up with the other residents to brush my teeth. I grew up watching my dad working various jobs at any one time and my mum also working while caring for three kids. It’s a story replicated over and over. From my upbringing, I learnt determination, empathy and the importance of getting value for money. I believe this translates to my ability to strive for the best outcome within the means available as well as to listen and seek to put myself in the other person’s shoes.

3. Can you tell us more about the lows and highs of your career in Law so far?

The lows have included pulling all-nighters that turned out to be unnecessary and having to deal with office staff who were not so subtlety undermining! The highs were that, following painstaking time and effort spent getting the details correct, I finally got the desired outcome for my clients, which included the return of excess stamp duty paid, a creditor acknowledging that their proof of debt was incorrect and getting a building built to specification and within time and budget.

4. Are there any surprising or juicy anecdotes of your experience being a legal Consultant? 

By getting a closer insight into established businesses and start-ups, I am surprised by how little it takes to get something off the ground and how much many people are ‘winging it’! It’s true that you don’t have to know it all, but you do have to have the right people around you for those parts you need assistance on. 

5. What would you say to lawyers in private practice or in-house who are considering a more flexible work style?

If it’s practical and would suit your lifestyle requirements, give it a try! The way businesses work continues to change and there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of people looking for legal assistance outside of the traditional paradigms.

6. Tell us two interesting truths and one white lie

I like to stay fit and healthy.

I’m adventurous and love to cycle.

I’m obsessed with delicious food and enjoy cooking.

Last months white lie: Ellie Smith - I own a 6ft albino python named Monty. This nearly happened when Ellie's other half found one up on the Peak and rescued him last year but they were advised that he might eat their cat!

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