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Get [sh]IT Done – LegalTech tools you can implement right now… and some are free.

Lawyers are known to be perfectionists, and when it comes to getting things done, perfection often gets in the way.  However, at times like this where our world has been turned upside down, our priorities are being challenged and whether you are a business or an in-house legal team, we all just need something basic to get things done.

Whether you’re an SME with no or limited legal function or a larger department wanting to streamline your processes, the most useful types of tech product right now are those that assist in managing workloads, triage, tracking, collaboration and even remove your need of owning a printer. Some Tech providers have recognised just that and are now offering flexible pricing models (some even free!) to help you “get sh*t done”. 

Juro is a contract management platform with contract generation, collaboration, approval workflow and unlimited eSignature.

Costs? They are currently offering their basic plan for 12 months free with integrations to GDrive and Slack.

Lawcadia teamed up with Gadens to build a COVID 19 triage tool to help inhouse teams ‘identify, triage and respond quickly’ to complex legal issues along with outsourcing functionalities via the platform.
Costs? The tool is offered on 6 months set subscription fee with minimal set up time.

LawVu is a legal operations platform, encompassing matter, contract, knowledge and outsource counsel management all in one.
Costs? They are currently offering new customers a free, fully configured pilot platform for 2 months.

Outlaw is a contract management platform with automation, workflow, tracking and reporting functionalities.
Costs? They are offering any healthcare organisation who are responding to the pandemic free use of their platform for 6 months.

Plexus Gateway’s out of the box solution offers 2 basic functionalities - simple workflow creation and eSignature under the platform and charges by the size of the Legal team instead of business users. The flexibility of this means, the platform can be rolled out to the business with minimal configuration.
Costs? It depends on the integration and configuration requirements but Plexus operates a pro rota refund policy, which means you only pay for what works for you.

Xakia is an in-house legal matter management system combining request intake, workflow triage, external fee management and reporting in one hub.
Costs? They are currently offering Legal teams who are directly responding to Covid-19 free access to their platform.

Last but not least, to stop you from buying a printer, sign up to an eSignature platform like Hellosign, Eversign and DocuSign to name a few. Most of these offer a free plan with limited completed documents per month. However, if you are new to eSignature and would like extra authentication, you could try Vaultie - an eSignature platform with authentication tied to selfies, anchored on blockchain and the signatures become instantly verifiable. Costs? They are now offering two months free with code WORKREMOTE2020.

We encourage you to talk to your existing or potential vendors on their COVID-19 response package.  And please remember, tech is just the enabler!  Processes and people are just as important!  If you need support at any point, you know where to find us. 

Elsa Ho