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A Look Back at 2018.

Another year has flown by and as we get through the festive lunches and parties in preparation for the holiday season, I thought I’d share some of our highlights, learnings and takeaways from this year.

1. Overall our business has experienced tremendous growth:

  • Our HQ team has doubled since this time last year
  • Our client base has expanded and revenues have grown +200% YOY
  • Our community of legal consultants has grown and our footprint now includes consultants across most Asia jurisdictions (as well as EMEA and US)
  • Our service and product offerings have increased so that now in addition to our People business vertical, we have built a business around Process & Technology  consulting solutions, and grown our Managed Legal Services offerings to a number of multinational clients

2. Our Process & Technology business led by Bill Novomisle has seen tremendous interest, great traction and big potential for 2019.  We have also developed our proprietary KPM (Korum Process Methodology) built on our learnings and experience as ex-GC’s working on transformations, legal operations, team management and efficiencies with a range of clients

3. We opened our London office earlier this year with Danh Nguyen leading our efforts there for inbound and outbound Asia work.  Our Hong Kong office still serves as our main office, with our Singapore office being our other current Asia operations (we’re currently hiring for a new Singapore GM – please get in touch if any interest!)

4. We are very near to the soft launch of Axceller, our KorumLegal technology platform providing an integrated solution for clients and HQ – more to come on this in 2019

5. Amongst all of this, we’ve had a lot of fun along the way – as a team and individually – including conferences, seminars, breakfast meetings, team events, consultant events, strategy offsites, awards dinners, overseas travels, speaking panels and the list goes on….

To date, we have grown organically through a lean mindset and a lot of hard work.  This bootstrap mentality has provided us with the discipline to:

  • focus on what clients want and build accordingly;
  • nurture a consultant community of people who share the same ethos and vision; and
  • continue to deliver quality as efficiently and effectively as possible. 

This would not have been possible without our core HQ team – so a huge THANK YOU to our HQ team (Bill, Danh, Estefania, Anna, Annalise, Tessa, Matt, Lara, Sylvie, Tiffany, Satinder, Aiteina).  Also, a special thanks to our team of advisors, consultants, partners and interns. 

We are also grateful to our clients who have continued to support us.  Our community of legal consultants who help us deliver exceptional service to our clients.  And also to our collaborators, partners, media friends and NewLaw supporters – thank you.  Finally, last but not least, our families and loved ones who continue to support.

We look forward to even more growth and success in 2019 and beyond!

Happy holidays…and see you in 2019!

Titus Rahiri